O boy… Time to hit the pool, hit the pool again, hit the pool some more, and after that… o yea, hit the pool!  I am confident I can get through the bike and run segments(maybe not as fast as I’d like), but am nervous about the 1.2 mile swim.  While I certainly have some time to train between now and September, I have much work to do.  I have relaxed just a tad in my training after my Marathon this year, and now plan to pick it back up, starting with with a heavy swim, moderate bike (trainer this time of year due to the weather), and moderate run workout plan.

I am competing in this event with my Sister and Brother-in-law, which makes it all the more exciting!  I will begin posting weekly recaps of my training at the end of this week.  My goal for my first half is 5 and half hours… we will see!  While I have the most time to gain during the bike segment, the swim segment is most certainly my biggest weakness.  Anyone have any suggestions on how to properly train in a pool for this type of event?  I often find myself in triathlons becoming overly excited during the swim, and needing to calm down before I can continue on.  I believe that’s much easier to do during a .5 mile swim, as opposed to a 1.2 mile swim, on a much bigger stage as well!

Suggestions????  Anyone else out there register for Princeton??? Registration just opened today!!!!


My first post!

So, I have absolutely no idea where to begin!  I decided to start this blog on a whim, in hopes to be used as a personal motivator to help me reach my goals.  This past weekend I traveled to Gilford, NH to watch my sister compete in her first ever Half Ironman, the Timerman 70.3.  Not only was I left teary eyed and tingle faced with joy for my little sister from start to finish, but I was reminded again why I decided to get into to competition racing in the first place.  I would highly recommend to anyone who ever questions themselves during training, or if having trouble sticking to your training regime, to attend the next local event as a spectator, and pay close attention to the smiles and screams of joy as the participants cross the finish line.  It was unbelievable to witness such true joy and happiness for one’s personal achievement, and served as an excellent reminder of why I started in the first place.  I know that I will never become a “Professional” triathlete, and quite frankly a place medal doesn’t mean much to me either, however I do set personal goals for each event, even if just to finish, and will remember and use that experience as motivation and fuel to accomplish them!


(Photo Above:  My sister, Amanda Logan, during the run leg of the Timberman 70.3 – AWESOME!!)