O boy… Time to hit the pool, hit the pool again, hit the pool some more, and after that… o yea, hit the pool!  I am confident I can get through the bike and run segments(maybe not as fast as I’d like), but am nervous about the 1.2 mile swim.  While I certainly have some time to train between now and September, I have much work to do.  I have relaxed just a tad in my training after my Marathon this year, and now plan to pick it back up, starting with with a heavy swim, moderate bike (trainer this time of year due to the weather), and moderate run workout plan.

I am competing in this event with my Sister and Brother-in-law, which makes it all the more exciting!  I will begin posting weekly recaps of my training at the end of this week.  My goal for my first half is 5 and half hours… we will see!  While I have the most time to gain during the bike segment, the swim segment is most certainly my biggest weakness.  Anyone have any suggestions on how to properly train in a pool for this type of event?  I often find myself in triathlons becoming overly excited during the swim, and needing to calm down before I can continue on.  I believe that’s much easier to do during a .5 mile swim, as opposed to a 1.2 mile swim, on a much bigger stage as well!

Suggestions????  Anyone else out there register for Princeton??? Registration just opened today!!!!

48 Miles in 48 Hours

After a 2nd full week of Marathon training in the books, I am definitely beginning to notice my endurance building, as well my recovery time improving significantly!  Last week I had made mentioned that I began implementing Tart Cherry Juice intro my pre and post workout nutrition and it seems to be helping thus far!  I have experienced absolute zero pain in the Arch of my foot (common injury for me), and have been able to run on subsequent days without soreness!

My week began Tuesday with a short 4 Mile run, at an 8:15 pace.  Wednesday I then logged 8 miles, at a slower 9:30 pace.  I shuffled my rest day this week to Thursday, and took my daughter to Lake Tobias (Zoo) on a day trip!  Friday, I then logged 5 miles, in what felt to be 150 degree heat, at a snails pace, 9:48 minute miles… I was dehydrated!  Saturday, I returned to work for the first time since the birth of my son last weekend, and also used this day as my second rest day for the week!  Sunday, my sister was in town from Jersey, and together we logged a 16 MILE run, at a 9:50 pace.  It may have been slightly faster, however, we stopped twice to eat/refuel along the way.  Monday (Labor Day) my sister and I also logged a 32 + mile bike ride.  Needless to say I was tanked by this point, and struggled to even hold a 16 MPH pace!

There was nothing greater than the 2 hours and 30 + minutes of bonding time spent with my sister while running Saturday.  In fact, while it was no doubt the farthest distance I have ever logged at one time, yet it didn’t feel like it was long enough.  It has been quite a while since I have had the opportunity to spend some good old one on one time with my little sister and it was great.  I look forward to this again in the future!

Not only did I log my longest run even on Saturday, when running a total o 16 miles, but Sunday I logged my farthest bike ride every, at 32 miles.  This explains my Post Title, “48 Miles in 48 Hours!”

Future Ironman – Welcome Ethan!

This past Sunday, my son Ethan was born, at 3:35 PM.  Checking in at 7 pounds 2.8 ounces, and 19 inches long!  I am a PROUD dad!  Ethan is my second child, as I also have a 2 year old daughter, Fiona.  I have been graced this week with not only my own little future ironman, but the ability to spend a week home from work, for some much needed family bonding time!

I am now in the midst of week 2.  Yesterday I logged an easy 4 mile run, and this afternoon a logged an 8 mile run, with a little hill training thrown in.  My splits have slowed a little, however, I think that is to be expected with the lack of sleep that comes along with a newborn in the house!  Tomorrow morning I will be running an easy 5 miles, and then Saturday, I am ramping it up to a 17 mile run.

I have began to work in a 3 ounce glass of Tart Cherry Juice before and after each run.  I have read multiple articles that talk about just how powerful the vitamins and nutrients found in cherries are.  Many athletes speak values of much faster you can recover after introducing cherry juice into pre and post workout routine.  I will follow up on this next week after Ive given it some time, to let you know how its worked!





So, a few days ago I wrote a post about registering for my first Marathon.  Since then, I have found and began following the Hal Higdon Novice 1 Marathon Training guide.  However, due to the short time (8 week) that I have to prepare, I have fast forwarded to week 8 of his guide.  While this is most certainly not recommended, due to the gradual buildup in mileage that his plan is designed around, I was already a fairly active runner, logging no less than 15 miles in a given week.

My first week calls for a total of 39 miles, and so far I have already logged 15.  I have began to feel a bit of Arch Pain in my left foot, which I believe is related to a prior injury from earlier in the season.  After contacting a friend of mine who works for Inside Track on the West Shore, he suggested I try using KT Tape.  I have seen many athletes, including football players, hockey players, track athletes, and even my own sister wearing this “neon colored tape,” but never really knew what in the world it was.  After he explained how it worked, I figured for 12 bucks, what could possible go wrong.

Today at work, I followed the instructions found on their website and applied the proper pieces to my foot where I am experiencing the soreness.  THE SORENESS WAS INSTANTLY GONE!  It has now been 6 hours since I applied the tape, and I feel like I could run right now.  I would recommend this tape to anyone experiencing soreness due to running.  Now, rest assured if my foot turns green or falls off tonight, I’ll be sure to update this post tomorrow, however, as of now I am 100 percent SORENESS FREE!